Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thank You

I just wanted to thank each & everyone of you for taking the time to look at my cakes.  I really truly enjoy each cake that I make.  I would like to invite you all to check my page out on Facebook: Det var så Lidt  Become a fan if you like.  I put more detailed pictures of my cakes there.  Since on my blog I'm limited to how many I can put.  Feel free to share with friends and family.  I'll be posting more cake pictures this week.  Again many thanks for looking at my cakes.!/pages/Det-var-s%C3%A5-Lidt/122012194491688?closeTheater=1

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Two Peas in a Pod

Cake for twin girls' christening. Cake is vanilla cake with chocolate frosting.  Nothing like two cute peas in a pod :)

Easter Cupcakes

Easter Cupcakes I made for my Egg Hunt to thank the parents for coming.  If it wasn't for the parents to bring the kiddos.  Then we would not have fun, play dates, etc. etc.  Cupcakes are carrot with buttercream frosting.  Each having an Easter Topper :) 

Cadbury Bunny

Living in Danmark for 5 years I haven't been able to celebrate Easter the way America does.  I was so happy to host an Easter Egg Hunt at my home with friends & family.  I made none other than the Cadbury Bunny on top of an egg.  Growing up I remember the commericals of Cadbury Bunny :) Bunny is vanilla cake piped with buttercream frosting.  Egg is chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Little Baby Brother

Cake I made for a baby boy's christening.  Both characters are replicas of my friend's kiddos.  Her little girl is a red head with freckles and her little boy just loves his lime green elephant.  Cake is an After Eight Cake (the chocolate).  Rest of character are marshmellows fondant.  I love the way I capture the details in each character.  I love making cakes!!!

Texas Cake!!!

I enter a cake competition and this was the cake that I competed with.  I am from Texas and currently living in Danmark.  I miss home sooo much & I wanted to make something from 'home'.  Why not a Texas cake??  I wanted to put in as many details as I could & I was soo happy with how this cake came out.  This was my first cake competition, I only have one & half years of making cakes.  I competed in semi-pro division.  I didn't win first place but I did win 2nd place.  For my first cake competition I think I did ok.  At least I got the silver medal :D