Sunday, May 30, 2010

Presents, Presents & More presents

This cake is so cute. I do have to give credit where credit is given. It's a Wilton idea. I made it for my friend Shirley (she's Irish :). Its butter cake with strawberry filing covered with marshmellow fondant. I love the colors that I used for this cake. I think the confetti makes it look really cute. It was a last minute touch ;}

Friday, May 28, 2010


I love this cake. It came out so different from my drawing but I just love it. A friend of mine, her daugther just LOVES zebras. Her birthday theme was a zebra. When she asked me to make it, I had no idea what I wanted to make. So I just let my hands & mind do the work. When her daugther saw her cake, she actually thought that I had put a real stuffed zebra on top. That just made my day, damn I'm good :D

Sundae for Two

A friend wanted me to make a cake to incorporate her 2 daugther's birthday theme - Zebra & Cupcake. So I decided to make a cupcake with a zebra print. BUT this cake was a SAVED cake. It started out as a cupcake, but in the middle of creating it. It COLLAPSED!!!! This was the first time a cake collapsed in on me. I didn't know what to do. I was going to call my friend & tell her, I'm sorry I can't fix it. Of course my stuborness kicked in. I started putting parts of the collapsed cake together & came up with a "falling sundae". I was happy with the outcome & my friend liked it & thought it was cute. I made another cake for her that week too.

Chanel Makeup Bag

This cake I made for my dagpleger mor, which in English its daycare teacher. When I made the Dior cake. She said commented, "I want those shoes"! So I decided to make her some shoes, but Chanel instead. She was really happy & surprised. Glad that I could make her a birthday cake.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Super Brugsen

Super Brugsen is a danish store. Its like a Kroger or Randall's. My daugther's daycare teacher referred me to this client. I was happy but at the same time really stressed & worried. This is for a chain of stores in Danmark!! It was for a 25 year anniversary here in Danmark they call it "Jubilæum". They wanted me to incorporate the manager's interests (golf & wine) along with the store. So I recreated the store's bag. I love the golf bag, came out way better than I had invisioned it. Client was really impressed & pleased :D


I had so much fun making this cake. The client told me that her daughter loves to play outside. I asked her what else, to get more ideas from her. We had about a 35 minute conversation. When she just said, "You know what? Just surprise me." So I thought about a playground, I made a drawing of what I had in mind. I sent it to her, but this cake came out way better than my drawing. After a couple of attempts, I had given up on putting a swing in. But my stuborness kicked in & I managed to put the swing set in. What's a playground without a swing set uh?

Garden Flowers

May was a busy month. This was my "easy" cake. Idea is from Wilton Cake Decorating, I love there stuff. Cake is white cake, strawberry frosting covered with MM fondant.

Star Wars

This cake was a CHALLENGE!! I was so surprised that I was able to almost copy the same figures as I in the movie. It made me laugh because I think that my Yoda looks like a combination of E.T. & Shrek. The client was so amazed. This cake really touched my heart. When I delivered the cake, Lukas was so happy. He turned around & gave his mom a kiss & hug, told her he loved her & thanks for having this cake made for him. It was the sweetest moment ever!! He also thank me, but seeing that tenderness & love in his expression was so heart warming. All 9 hours worked on his cake was all worth while!!!

Future Soccer Player

This cake was made for a little boy who was turning 1. The client is from Bosnian, she wanted happy birthday in her language, which is "SCRETAN RODzENDAN". The cake is banana cake bottom layer top layer strawberry & the soccer ball is chocolate cake. The little boy at the top was a last minute detail. Once I finished the cake, I kept looking at it & said, "There's just something missing". Thus the little boy was created. I think it added a little bit more to the cake. When I delivered the cake, both parents were so surprised.

My two S's Cakes

May has been a busy month for me. I finally "came out" & told people that I was making cakes. I've had cakes in the past but now I'm making them for everyone. I never thought that it would be a hit. These cakes where two that I had due in the same week, plus 50 cupcakes!! This week nearly killed me. I had so much fun making these cakes.

Sleeping Angels

This cake was fun. The client just said Angel theme. The reason why? She's from Indonesia & her little girl's name Malaika Luna means "Moon". I was going to just make one big angel, but decided nah it needs some more on there. So I made the 2 little ones on the side. Biggest task here....was to keep the wings from falling off!! Finally I got it right & each angel had their wings. Cake is a strawberry sponge cake with strawberry cream along with cut up strawberries, topped with MM fondant - YUMMO!!